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TIS99The state-of-the-art test unit TIS99 enables easy telephone line testing in the telephone exchange as well as at the remote subscriber. With the use of modern integrated circuit, many functions are merged such as pulse and DTMF dialing and automatic adaptation to line losses. Wide operating temperature range of installed electronic components allows the use of the telephone test receiver in conditions of extreme temperature and humidity.
The telephone test receiver is put into operation by connecting through the cable with pincers to the tested telephone line. Turning on the upper switch on the lateral side, the telephone test unit switches from on-hook to off-hook signal which is indicated by the light on the switch. The dialing is accomplished over the keyset where the swap to the DTMF is made by pressing the "*" button. Pressing the black button on the lateral side, the last dialed number (maximum 28 characters) can be redialed. The dual tone generator has audible sound to indicate a call.


Pulse and DTMF dialing
The last number redialing
Power supply from the line
Dual tone call detector
Automatic adaptation to line losses
Indication the presence of the line


Working temperature From 0°C to 55°C
Stocking temperature From -40°C to 70°C
Current From 20mA to 60mA
Voltage From 9V to 70V
Impedance (receiver on hook) 1uF + 2.5kOhm
Impedance (receiver off hook) 600Ohm
Pulse dialing 10pps, 1.5:1
DTMF dialing 8ton/sec(-9dbm -11dbm)
Maximum number of characters for redial 28
Automatic control of amplify Yes according to current