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ECM Telcom owns production line for placing and soldering of SMD (Surface Mount Devices) on printed circuit boards (PCB) which is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant. It is designed for working with small and medium series of PCBs, as well as for prototyping.

Production line consists of:

  • Pick & Place machine “ECM Luna 800F”
  • soldering oven “Harotec Ecosold 350 Superior”
  • printer for applying soldering paste on PCB

ECM Luna 800F uses 3 cameras for pick and place process, so it can achieve high precision even when working with components with 0.4mm pitch. It can work with chip components whose dimensions are form 0402 to 2512. This machine can place up to 4000 components per hour.

Harotec Ecosold 350 Superior is soldering oven with closed chamber. Different temperature profiles can be specified using PC. Soldering process can be observed on PC.

Printer for applying soldering paste on PCB uses steel or copper foils. PCBs could be made either by chemical treatment or by laser cutting.